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Managing Director : KATHIRESAN

Office address: 2/2 Eswaramoorthy layout south, First street, Therku thottam, Karuvampalayam, Tirupur, 641604

Phone: +91 90923 35577




Infra Structure:

The production process at Mahana is vertically integrated for complete flexibility, consisting of:

  • Knitting
  • Spinning
  • Dyeing
  • Cutting&Printing
  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Finishing
  • Quality Control
  • Packing

Integration ensures complete control of all important parameters resulting in the production of first grade products. Quality standards of each product are monitored specifically by us before we hand over to our customers.




We are well equipped with advanced and high speed machines. Our most sophisticated and modern knitting machines are capable of providing the most intricate knitting designs / patterns required to suit the changing trends and meet the requirements of our values customers.We use the best quality yarn in natural and manmade fibre for fashion and classic look.



Our specialists purchase the cotton/acrylic/polyester that meets the customer requirements, are processed in the most and modern spinning mills, where stringent controls guarantee strict standards.



The usage of latest soft flow dyeing process gives the fabric with steaks free and wrinkle free finish.Our dyeing unit has the facility of doing sample programs & bulk production.Our compacting process provides fantabulous finishing for the freshly dyed fabrics which illuminates the quality of the fabric hence ensures that a smooth fabric is delivered.We believe in protecting the environment and has ensured that none of its manufacturing processes pollute. And we employs a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Multiple Effect Evaporation in our effluent treatment plant to recycle 100% of its effluent with zero discharge of hazardous waste.

The well-equipped laboratory allows us to focus our attention on quality control, as dyeing is considered a key area in product quality.



Cutting section is one of the most important sections for manufacturing garments. Garment production starts with the cutting process.


All type of Prints like sticker printing, pigment printing, non-pvc printing, discharge printing, plastisol prints, foil prints, high density prints, gel prints, matt prints are made in-house which gives the value addition in the garments. Use of eco-friendly colours and chemicals which are free from lead, PVC, ..etc.



We have the privilege of providing the widest range of stitching styles, to suit any buyer around the globe. Inspection Unit is to ensure the Quality and Specifications of Buyers are met. Stream ironing the finished products to pack quickly. Garments are steam processed. They are packed neatly in the designated packs and placed inside the carton for dispatch.



A splendid range of embroidery to suit any styles, any garments as you have an option to choose from a wide range, designs & colours which are fully computer aided, fully automatic machines which enable the most rare embroideries up-to 12 colours & applique work.



In our finishing department fabrics are finished to achieve the desired properties. We have equipment for washing, drying/heat setting, finishing, emerizing and printing.For a trendy garment, more than anything our trained workers give a neat and perfect finish to the final garments. 



All our products are inspected and controlled.Each piece is individually quality checked at each production stage and a final check before dispatch ensuring each garment adheres to an exceptional high standard, meeting both yours and your customer’s requirements. We continuously improve our standards of quality and service in order to obtain zero-defect deliveries to our customers.



Our dedicated in-house sampling team will prototype your sampling requirements to your specifications, alternatively our design team can design and produce samples very quickly to suit the latest fashion trends. We aim to turn samples around within 10 to 15 days.


Mahana Creations works with following basic policies, which are also strength of our gradual business growth. These policies are framed from our past experience. We request our clientele to take into account before negotiating business with us.


Our pricing would be calculated according to marginal theory. That means, actual cost of production plus reasonable profit. Our wastage and production cost management promotes low manufacturing overhead.


Free sampling restricted to reliable and serious Buyers. Please understand, sampling is expensive and utilize this facility for assured business only. Our regular clients can enjoy free sampling

Production Lead Time

All manufacturing processes are according to professional manner. Hierarchy reporting system from lower level to upper level personals ensures all manufacturing processes goes according to pre-programmed manner. Only unexpected occurrences beyond our control shall delay whole process. Departmentalized office working ensures all the production stages move smoothly. Prompt Inventory Management ensures all execution procedures go smoothly, without any short supply of raw materials, accessories etc. With this method Mahana Creations always ship out goods within pre-committed delivery period.


The most important norm with our products. To ensure excellence in all levels, Company is maintaining a suitable Quality Management System, right from procurement of raw materials to shipment stage. Line checking system guarantees each product is individually checked before final packing. Qualified & Trained Quality Inspectors conduct random inspections on a regular basis. It allows immediate correction of errors in the in-house production floor itself. Factory lab as expose what is going wrong with fabric qualities. Top management personals are always keen about daily Inspection & Laboratory reports to take apt decisions. AQL based quality audit promise International standard products. Overall, Company denies any small adjustment with the quality of products.

Order execution

Always according to full satisfaction of our clients. Company is strict to be Buyer Friendly. International Purchasers can enjoy full freedom to get right products. Without stage-by-stage approval from right authority of Buyers, executing products will not move forward in our production system. What you have dreamt would be in your hands, finally.


Company is strict to work with well-secured payment options.

We can assure to give you the 100% Quality Garments Made from Latest Machinery’s with AZO Free. 

We are very much Interested to Start Business through your Esteemed Concern. For your Ready Reference please find enclosed herewith our Brief “Trade Information, Product Range, ‘In House’ Facilities and Our Company -Profile”. For Your Further Inquiries Please Contact Us by E-Mail (or) Fax. 

Please Give a Trial Chance to prove our Quality, Delivery Schedule in Time, Prices and others. 

Please Feel Free to Contact Us. We are looking for Your Valuable & Earlier Inquiries and Orders in soon. 







Polo Shirts
Pyjama Sets
Jogging Suits
High Neck
Turtle Neck
Boxer Shorts
Briefs etc…
Night Wears
Pyjama Sets
Jump Suits
High Neck
Turtle Neck
Briefs etc…
Night Wears
Pyjama Sets
Jump Suits
Polo Shirts
Boxer Shorts
High Neck
Turtle Neck
Briefs etc…


We have immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the growing manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments. The company committed to customer satisfaction offering top quality knitwear at right times has impeccable styling attained through conscious human effort and world technology.

Mahana has complete in-house facilities that enable us to control each stage of the manufacturing process right from yarn/fabric dyeing, weaving, fabric processing and sewing. Specialization in core competencies and years of experience has given us in-depth knowledge and this has led us to produce woven home textiles, garments, and yarn-dyed fabrics of the finest quality.Our home textile products are sold in some of Europe’s finest and most exclusive stores. Our customers for fabrics/garments have been leading garment manufacturers and international brands.

  • Quality Efficiency 90%
  • Delivery Timings 85%
  • Pricing Range 85%
  • Quality Level 90%

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Mahana Creations  is located in the heart of the city of Tirupur in India. The city of Tirupur offers world class facilities in the field of manufacture of knitted garments. The company has thoroughly structured parameters, right from procurement of raw materials to finished garments, ensuring the product to have optimum quality standards. Products are made of best quality fabrics processed under most modern & imported techniques, sewn with imported machines, checked & packed by trained labor force and shipping through fast vessels. Mahana Creations ensures international competent quality products according to committed delivery schedules.